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The LAB, how it works ?

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The LAB is an instrument of Pôle emploi’s transformation which allows accelerating projects and creation of services.

It’s a very small and agile organisation which impacts Pôle emploi in many areas, in particular its capacity to launch a transformation.

The LAB state of mind and the methods it uses are inspiring and spreading more and more.

Pôle emploi has become the first network of LABs in France within the same organization.

With 5 years long experience (the LAB has celebrated its 5th birthday on 24th of September 2019) the LAB is gradually becoming a reference within the public innovation network.

As an active member of the Futurs publics network organized by the Interministerial Director for Public Transformation (DITP), it has inspired and driven many public innovation projects, most notably those of the National Office for Family Benefits (CNAF) and the General Direction for Public Finances (DGFIP).

Its reputation now extends to the private sector, the research community as well as the International Public Employment Services. Researchers and universities are interested in the LAB for their research on new collaborative methods and management.

The LAB has been referenced in January 2019 by the European Commission as an inspiring practice within European Public Employment Services.

It inspires and diffuses his methods and his state of mind. The LAB receives regularly foreign delegations as had been the case for Albania, Algeria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, South Korea, Norway, French Polynesia, Sweden, Tunisia, the European Union, OECD member countries (12 countries including Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Estonia, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, etc.) and member countries of the World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES – 85 countries).

The LAB makes positive contributions with 9 others European Countries to the creation of a European LAB (1st meeting took place in Brussels on April 2nd in Paris in the LAB on July and last one in Tallinn in October).

In 2018, Loïc REMAUD, Manager of the LAB since its creation has been awarded the Public Management Price in the openness category during on a DITP Awards event.

The LAB, how it works ?

A team
The LAB’s team is made up of professionals codesigner trained in collective intelligence facilitation techniques, prototyping and service design. External experts such as researchers, start-ups, private companies and members of the employment, innovation and training world are gathered to create a genuine ecosystem, the heart of the LAB methodology.

The methods of work
Goals : to boost innovation. In order to achieve this, the LAB uses agile methods, different tools to foster creativity and collaborative work. Our work is user centered and we design with him and for him support tools for projects.
The LAB offers several types of support and co-producing delivers such as models, prototypes, users paths, films. We use the ASE® concept and creative methods such as Lego Serious Play® and Metanature®.

The LAB, what is it ? More in this vidéo !

The LAB is a co-creation workplace to accelerate solutions for jobseekers, employers, partners and employees of Pôle emploi.

A specific environnement
The LAB offers a large modular space to work in collaborative ways with the different areas to accommodate work in small or large groups. The LAB is a space that stands out and still remains user-friendly to boost creativity and collective intelligence.
Several spaces are available such as a plenary area (restitution of exchanges, launching and closing of sessions, inspiration times, etc.) and flexible workshop areas.
The LAB is a place open to the innovative environment to foster collaboration, listening and sharing.

Virtual tour !

The LAB is not a classic seminar or meeting place around a table.

« You come to the LAB just with your first name and express your ideas and beliefs based on your own experience… »

The state of mind
Engagement, kindness, listening, respect for ideas, optimism, 360° open-mindedness, freedom of expression.
An open and out of the box state of mind to foster the expression of ideas, experiences and beliefs.

A network
During a work session in collective intelligence, the LAB involves experts, start-ups, recruiters, researchers who are working on topics related to the employment field. The LAB organises and facilitates events for its internal network.

A range of services
Flash co-design, services design/ prototyping, the project accelerator.
Creative workshops take place during each session or project: everyone brings their ideas, expertise and experience in their field, whether they are employees, users or external to Pôle emploi.
Depending on the project, there may be several themes. For each theme there may be more than one session.
The results : creation of new employment services adapted to the new needs and uses of the population.

For more information, please come visit us at one of our upcoming « LAB Experience » – a half-day where you discover the LAB’s concept, organised every two months. 3 weeks before the event you can find more information on our website under the heading « EVENTS » and on our Twitter and Instagram accounts.
You can register online via the Eventbrite link that you will find on one of these platforms.

For any digital project, Pôle emploi offers support through its innovative and digital start up’s incubator Pitch@Pôle.

Find all the LAB videos on the playlist of the Pôle emploi YouTube channel !

The LAB in figures (in February 2020) :

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the LAB sessions
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« LAB Experience »
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« LAB Experience »
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